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Wide range of Woodpulp, Secondary Fibres, Papers & Boards

Pulp Grades

Woodpulp Demand

Pakistan meets its woodpulp demand through imports, and this demand is growing by about 10% annually.

Resource Utilization

The Pakistani paper industry blends imported woodpulp with local materials, including hygiene pulp.

Market Potential

Competitive pricing in Pakistan for various pulp grades, including bleached softwood, hardwood, and eucalyptus.

Paper Grades

Publication Grades

Standard Newsprint is crucial, with specific requirements of 42 & 45 Gsm and a reel width of 27.5" (69.85 cm).

Industrial Grades

Extensible Sackkraft Paper is sought after for its 70 & 90 Gsm substances and a reel width of 101 cm.

Uncoated Grades

Offset Paper / Writing Printing Paper is essential, with requirements spanning 60, 70, 75, 80 & 90 Gsm in various sizes.

Secondary Fibers

Waste Paper Grades

Sorted corrugated & news, directories, unprinted whites, clean cuttings etc.

Global Standards

All waste paper grades meet PS of U.S.A and CEPI & ERPA standards.

Quality Requirements

All grades of waste paper as per international stands/specifications.

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