Specifications and Standards for Recycled Paper Grades

Double Sorted Old Corrugated Boxes

Old Newspapers

Over-Issued Newspapers

News and Pamphlets (Excluding Pornographic Material)

Old Magazines (Excluding Pornographic Material)

Old Telephone Directories

Magazine Trims (Free from Glue)

White Blank Newsprint (Unprinted)

Hard White Envelope Cuttings (Unprinted)

Hard White Shavings (Unprinted)

Sorted White Ledger

Light Color Cuttings (Without Groundwood Paper/Newspapers)

Box Board Cuttings (No Poly, No Brown)

Unprinted Publication Blanks

Strategic solutions for secondary fiber sustainability and compliance.

All grades of waste paper must adhere to international standards and specifications set by the Paper Stock Industries (PS of U.S.A) and the European List of Standard Grades of Recovered Paper and Board (CEPI & ERPA). All waste paper stocks should be packed air dry, with a moisture content of 12% considered air dry. Outthrows and prohibitive materials must meet the specified standards. Weight discrepancies are acceptable if the variation is 2% or less.

Customer-Centric Sourcing

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Guided Importing Procedures

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Competitive Edge Expertise

Providing insights to enhance competitiveness.

Global Reach and Adaptability

Leveraging global networks for sourcing efficiency.

Market-Driven Agility

Adapting to market trends for sustainable growth.

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