Growing Demand and Opportunities in Pakistan's Pulp and Paper Industry

Pakistan, as a developing country with limited natural resources like forests, relies heavily on imports to meet its demand for woodpulp. According to initial studies, the demand for woodpulp in Pakistan is growing by approximately 10% annually.

The Pakistani paper industry utilizes imported woodpulp and locally sourced materials such as wheat straw, bagasse, and other agricultural residues, as well as secondary fibers. These materials are used to produce a variety of paper products, including uncoated woodfree paper, writing and printing paper, sack kraft paper, duplex board, bleached board, kraft liner board, and testliner. For sanitary products, the industry is entirely dependent on imported hygiene pulp and associated chemicals.

In summary, there is a growing demand for all grades of pulp in Pakistan. This market presents an opportunity for suppliers who can offer regular supply, good quality, and competitive prices.

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